Flat File User Guide


The MercadoLibre CBT Flat File is a methodology that allows sellers to interact with MercadoLibre Cross-Border Trade Platform by uploading and receiving flat-files.

What is a flat-file?

We refer to a flat file as a file in which tabular data is structured in lines of text with the value from each table cell separated by a comma and each row represented by a new line. Flat files are also called comma-separated values files (CSVs) and can be generated by a seller's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or by spreadsheet software such as Excel.

What can be done through flat-files?

Using Flat File sellers can

  • Upload stock keeping units (SKUs) in bulk to the MercadoLibre CrossBorder Trade Platform,
  • Download inventory snapshots,
  • Update SKUs in bulk,
  • Delete SKUs in bulk,
  • Download orders,
  • Update shipping status and tracking information in bulk.

Who should use Flat File?

We recommend Flat File for sellers who have deeper levels of inventory (i.e., a larger quantity of the same SKU).

The Flat File system is asynchronous: sellers need to provide visibility into inventory as often as possible to avoid overselling (resulting in out-of-stock items). Sellers who work with shallow levels of inventory face a higher risk of overselling, which affects their reputations. For those sellers, we recommend directly integrating with Flat File through our APIs or leveraging a third-party integrator such as Channel Advisor or Channel Sale.

What are the System Requirements?

File Upload requirements

  • Maximum file size: 7MB,
  • Maximum items per sheet: 10000,
  • File format: CSV. Delimiter should be comma,
  • File encoding: UTF-8.

Download Request

  • Maximum number of order file download requests per day: 99,
  • Maximum number of Inventory download requests per day: 12,
  • Download request output is a zipped CSV file.