Flat File User Guide

Downloading your Inventory

Steps to download your inventory

  • Log into your MercadoLibre CBT account,
  • Go to Flat File > Download Files,
  • Select the type of file you want to download: either "Inventory Price & Quantity" or "Inventory Full Data.",
  • Select the subset of items you want to download: all, active, or out of stock,
  • Click "Download".

Inventory Price & Quantity will generate a file with all your SKUs, their respective MPID (MercadoLibre Product ID), and the prices and quantities for them that we have on record in our system.

The MPID is our unique reference to your SKUs. It is the key to your products while interacting with MercadoLibre platform.

Inventory Full Data will generate a file with all your SKUs and all fields associated with that SKU including description, title, and category.

Active Items: Selecting "Active Items" will download only items that are currently listed in one or more MercadoLibre sites.

Out of Stock Items: Selecting "Out of Stock Items" will download only items that are currently out of stock (quantity = 0).

All: Selecting "All" will download all items, including active and out of stock items.

The Download Process

Clicking on "Download" initiates a request to construct your file. You will receive a success message, and the request will show up in the download session. You will then be able to download files that have been successfully processed through the interface. You will see one or a list of files with various statuses (listed below):

  • Pending: Request is in the processing queue, but processing has not started yet.
  • Processing: We have started processing the download request.
  • Success: We have processed the request, and the file is available for download
  • Error: We have processed the request but found errors
  • No Data: The file requested has no data.

The download file will be available from the download interface as a zipped CSV file.

The maximum number of inventory downloads allowed per day is twelve.