Flat File User Guide

Updating SKUs

Steps to update your SKUs

  • Log into your MercadoLibre CBT account,
  • Go to Flat File > Upload Files,
  • Select "Update SKU",
  • Select the file from your computer,
  • Click "Upload".

To update a SKU, the only fields required are the MPID (MercadoLibre Product ID) and the field you wish to update. You can find the MPID by downloading a snapshot of your inventory from the File Download section or by downloading the success file from the File Upload section.

It's required that the first column must be "mpid".

The MPID is our unique reference to your SKUs. It is the key to your products while interacting with the MercadoLibre platform.

For example, if you want to update the price of all your items in bulk, all you need to do is submit a file that includes the MPID and the new price.

Once the file is processed, we will indicate the status on the Flat File interface. These are the available statuses:

  • Pending: Your file is in the processing queue, but we have not yet begun to process it.
  • Processing: We have started processing the file.
  • Success: We have processed the file and successfully updated the SKUs on the MercadoLibre CBT.
  • Error: We processed the file but found errors.

Once we have processed your file, you can download a response file from the Flat File interface. If we successfully processed your file, the success response file will contain your SKU and its reference MPID (MercadoLibre Product ID).

If we found errors in your file, an error file is generated that contains the SKU and the error message.

It is normal for a file to have both a success response file and an error response file. For example, if you tried to update one hundred SKUs, you might receive a success file indicating that ninety SKUs were successfully updated and a response file indicating that ten SKUs contained errors.

If your product title, product description or any other text fields have commas (ex. your description is "This is a great product, you will love it"), please make sure the text is between double quotes (") in your csv file. If you fail to do so, the system will assume that the comma is a separator and will read "This is a great product" as one field and "you will love it" as another field, generating errors.