Flat File User Guide

Downloading your Orders

Steps to download your orders

  • Log into your MercadoLibre CBT account,
  • Go to Flat File > Download Files,
  • Select "Orders",
  • Specify the subset of items you want to download: orders from today, last seven days, last thirty days, or last three months,
  • Click "Download".

The Download Process

Clicking on "Download" initiates a request to construct your file. You will receive a success message, and the request will show up in the download session. Through the interface, you will be able to download files that we have processed successfully. The statuses of all files are indicated on the Flat File interface. These are the available statuses

  • Pending: The request is in the processing queue, but we have not yet begun processing it,
  • Processing: We have begun processing the download request,
  • Success: We have processed the request, and the file is available for download,
  • Error: We have processed the request but found errors,
  • No Data: The file requested has no data.

The download file will be available from the download interface as a zipped CSV file.

The maximum number of order downloads allowed per day is ninety-nine.

You can find a sample order file here. The following fields are included in an order file:

Field Description Example
order_id Order identifier DMX50113966238402
order_date Date order was placed in MercadoLibre
Format: MM/DD/YY
  • Can be Confirmed, Cancelled or Shipped
  • Confirmed: Order paid
  • Cancelled: Order cancelled
  • Shipped: seller can change status of the order to shipped
  • Total value of Invoice in US Dollars (or GBP as defined in merchant preferences)
  • Includes Domestic Shipping
Includes domestic shipping
first_name Buyer's first name Maria
last_name Buyer's last name Guerrero
  • Company Name if available
address_line_1 Ship-to address 7801 NW 15 STREET
  • Ship-to address
  • This line will include a reference code important for our logistics process
Suite #MX42257 - 31592
city Ship-to address DORAL
state Ship-to-address FL
zip_code Ship-to-address 33106
country Ship-to-address USA
  • Customer email. In some cases MercadoLibre uses anonymized emails
  • For Future use
  • Customer local phone number
  • Empty when seller downloads it from Flat File Downloads
  • Seller needs to include tracking number when updating shipment information
tracking_url Seller can include shipping URL when updating orders  
  • Empty when seller downloads it from Flat File Downloads
  • Seller needs to include shipping carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.)
  • Empty when seller downloads it from Flat File Downloads
  • Seller needs to include date shipped when updating shipment information
sku Seller provided SKU 6641224338663
quantity Quantity 1
  • description in English
  • This comes from the English title what was submitted
London Times sleeveless cocktail dress satin multicolored floral combination 10
delivery_type Delivery type (Duties Paid or Unpaid) DDU or DDP