Flat File User Guide

Add Shipment Information

Steps to add shipment information to your orders

  • Log into your MercadoLibre CBT account,
  • Go to Flat File > Upload Files,
  • Select "Add Shipment",
  • Select the file from your computer,
  • Click "Upload".

You can update a shipment's tracking number, tracking URL, shipping carrier, date shipped, and order status.

To add shipment information to your order, you must reference the MercadoLibre CBT Order Number, which you can find by downloading your order file.

Field Description Example
order_id Order identifier DMX50113966238402
tracking_id Seller needs to include tracking number when updating shipment information 123456788
tracking_url Seller can include shipping URL when updating orders  
carrier Seller needs to include shipping carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) when updating shipment information Singapore Post
mpid MPID 9000001025
quantity Quantity 1

Once we have processed the file, we will indicate its status on the Flat File interface. These are the available statuses

  • Pending: File is in the processing queue, but we have not yet begun processing it,
  • Processing: We have begun processing the file,
  • Success: We have processed the file and successfully modified orders to include shipment information,
  • Error: We have processed the file but found errors.

Once we have processed your file, you can download a response file from the Flat File interface. If we successfully processed your file, the success response file will contain your Order ID.

If your file contained errors, an error file is generated that contains the orders and the error message.